Paul Caligiuri: US Soccer Hall of Famer, Former US National Team Defender, LA Galaxy, Columbus Crew.

"It was obvious from day 1 meeting Mat that he is obsessed with physical development of the soccer player. Having him on staff at Cal Poly Pomona led to a drastic increase in our players speed, power, fitness, and mental toughness. I trust Mat’s expertise that he can make any player a more complete athlete and keep them in the game longer and stronger.”

Noah Delgado: Former pro soccer player for Puerto Rico National Team and Puerto Rico Islanders, Captain of both teams

“Mat has helped my athleticism for soccer so much. He is always thinking outside of the box about ways to train smarter and get better results. I have improved my speed and strength so much under his guidance. With other trainers I always seem to get some kind of injury but with Mat I have managed to stay healthy. Whenever I have a question about the body, Mat is the first person I trust.”

Shay Spitz: professional, Richman Kickers, USA

“Mat helped me increase my speed, power, and overall strength and fitness a huge amount in a short time. Working with Mat was unlike any other training for soccer I have encountered and it was very interesting to see the way he combined his knowledge about strength and conditioning, track and field, and soccer. We tested often and rigorously and it was nice to see my numbers constantly improve in all tests as well as witness major improvements on the field where they matter.”

Emmanuel Bentil: Bayern Munich Reserves (Germany) , Kalamata,(Greece), LA Galax (USA),Hapoel Nazarith Illit (Israel), Hollywood United (USA)

“Mat is the best physical trainer I have come across in my career as a football player. I have played in many countries and I have never seen more improvements in my speed and fitness. Mat has been very helpful with my injuries and players come to him now instead of the therapists when something is bothering them. I wish I knew him at the start of my career and not the end.”

Bryan Wallace: Former Jamaican National team player, Assistant Coach UC Irvine, Coach of United FC Boys National Cup Champions 2012 CYSA-S

“My name is Bryan Wallace I am a former Jamaican National team player. I am assistant coach at UC Irvine for the Men’s soccer team; last year we were ranked number 16 in the nation, number #1 in the western region. I am alo the Assistant Director for United Futbol Club, one of the largest youth clubs in Southern California. My Boys U17′s are the current 2009 Southern California State Champions, and we are now ranked number # 1 in the nation. Mat Herold played a huge part in being a consultant, we could not have reached such great heights without him his expertise in the area’s of soccer specific strength, conditioning, technical speed, and physical speed. Mat Herold’s expertise continues to be a guiding source in all aspects of my coaching career.”

Rosie Tantillo: FC Gold Pride, Women’s Professional

“Mat helped me in immensely with my physical preparation for the sport of soccer. He helped me develop quicker feet, run faster, and overall I became smoother with my touches on the ball. Mat’s unique way of combining skill work and strength and conditioning is very hard to find and it definitely had me at my peak fitness specific to the demands of my position as a midfielder.”

Michael Erush: Coach at Loyola Marymount University and LA Galaxy Academy, Former player for Colorado Rapids, Chivas USA, Miami FC, Hapoel Ashkeleon, Lombard Papa, and Olimpia Balt

“I think Mat Herold is a tremendous asset for my athletes in speed, strength, fitness, and mental toughness. His consultation over the years with many professional players has always been first class. When I was playing professionally, Mat was an invaluable source of advice on how to strengthen specific muscles and important activities in order to stay healthy and improve myself when I was on the road. He has always been a positive role model to many players and coaches. I wish I could have trained with him when I was younger!”

Jose Munoz: Spanish professional player, 2nd Division, Real Murcia

“Mat helped me become more powerful in the first 20 yards which is extremely important for my position as a central midfielder. I was able to stay pain free with his training even though we were playing a lot and doing a lot of interesting plyometrics. I believe Mat has a very good knowledge of the body and how to increase performance for the footballer.”

Hayley Boysen: USC Women’s Soccer

“Mat has helped me improve my speed and stay healthy using on-field and in the weight room training methods. ”

Peter Hazdovac : Nk Zadar + NK Gosk Dubrovnik + NK Croatia Sesvete (all pro in Croatia), Cal Poly Pomona Soccer MVP and Captain

“Over the years I have experienced training with many trainers and coaches at different levels. Mat’s knowledge about the body has been by far the best and his programs have greatly impacted my career throughout the last few years. Mat has always been fast to heal my injuries but most of all he knows what it takes to get your body to the next level. Mat and I have worked out in the gym together as well as the soccer field and his intensity is something that I value most. He is always looking to get his athletes to push to that next level and reach beyond what they thought was possible. I personally feel Mat is one of the elite trainers and can offer something to anyone who is looking to get stronger, faster, etc.”

Marcus Kowal:Pro MMA Fighter, Former World Kickboxing Champion

“Mat has greatly improved the speed, strength, power, and fitness levels for myself and other pro fighters such as my fighter, World Champion Boxer Wendy Rodriquez. I have worked with many trainers throughout my fighting career and with Mat I have gotten the best in terms of attention to detail and results, especially training around my injuries. I would recommend training with Mat to anyone looking to get better at anything.”

Sophia McDermott: No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

“During my preparation for the No Gi Jiu-jitsu World Championships I met Mat. He helped me take my quickness and speed to a higher level than ever before. Mat also helped me learn how to calm myself down, not over think things (which I usually do) and focus my energy properly. I would definitely recommend training with Mat if you want to take your sport and overall health to greater heights.”