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Below you will learn more about Soccer Strong: How to Stay Healthy, Stop Riding the Bench, and Become a Soccer Dynamo.  In addition, you will read about the Player Analysis Program, where after watching your footage and analyzing some athletic tests I provide you, I create a specific program just for you that includes injury prevention, speed development, strength and conditioning, as well as technical and tactical advice.

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Soccer Strong Book and training programs

I was tired of struggling with various injuries and fed up with sub-par speed and getting pushed off the ball.  I was small, slow, and weak, so going into my senior year of college soccer it was time for a change.   In the off-season I finally started taking strength and conditioning seriously.  Little did I know how much more effective skills are when you can actually execute them under the demands of the game.   Needless to say, I became obsessed with the human body as it related to becoming the best soccer player possible. Before long I stopped getting injured and had my best season yet.  Playing the likes of Indiana University, UCLA, Stanford, UCONN, Washington, Cal, let me tell you that running by athletic defenders at that level is not easy. But, it finally became possible.   I was able to threaten in behind defenses, started jumping higher and winning headers, and was even called "a great ball-winner". 

 While pursuing a Master's degree in exercise science,  I traveled to various countries to train and study from top clubs. I read countless books, served internships, attended numerous seminars and classes, and continued to play and coach at the college and club levels so I can keep evolving as an athlete and also help other aspiring athletesSoccer Strong contains tons of information in an easy to follow format that I learned through my trials, tribulations, and adventures.   I am sharing it with anyone who wants to avoid the major HEADACHES (like injuries and riding the bench) I faced  and let their skills shine. 

Soccer Strong is only $2.99 on Amazing Kindle and is available as a hard copy. It took me one year to write and in addition to detailed programs including an off-season manual and conditioning, it provides you an entertaining crash course on the human body, eating, and mindset as it relates to elite soccer performance.  

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Player's Analysis

1. You upload an unlisted or public video to youtube of at least a half of your soccer game. I then watch it. 

2. You fill out a form that I send you including your age, team name and colors, height, weight, position, jersey number and a questionnaire that will help me understand you as a person and as an athlete. This includes some athletic tests that I will have you do to measure speed, power, strength, mobility, etc. 

3.  After reviewing the game footage and assessing your answers and results of the athletic tests, I will give you detailed feedback on your soccer game. I will then create a program and that fits around your club or high school schedule which will include technical, physical, and mental training tailored to your needs. 


Coerver® Coaching Video

Coerver tapes helped me develop my skills tremendously when I was a younger and the Coerver concepts and training exercises continue to be a staple in my own training and that of athletes I work with.

  • A football skills teaching method suited for all ages (especially for players aged 5-16 years old) of all abilities including parents, coaches, and teachers

  • A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play

  • Endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations including:

  • French Football Federation

  • Football Federation of Australia

  • Chinese Football Association

  • Japanese Football Association

  • Bayern Munich FC

  • Newcastle United FC

  • Arsenal FC