Ready to take your game to another level?

Learn more below about how to take your game to the next level with Soccer Dominance: How to Stay Healthy, Stop Riding the Bench, and Become a Soccer Dynamo.

If you want a more individualized help, we offer the Player Analysis and Coaching program that includes a Skype session and WhatsApp support. For more on that see the bottom of this page.


This is the book I wish I read when I was 15 years old

You will learn:

  • The common trait all great players have but no one seems to talk about

  • Why you should never run cross-country if you want to be a great player

  • The difference between being fit and being a freak

  • How get get much faster and more explosive to start blowing by defenders (despite what some uneducated people think, speed can absolutely be developed in all distances- especially in the first 30m which is most important for soccer)

  • The optimal eating strategy for a positive thinking, calm brain, even under pressure

  • How to add robustness to your joints and muscles to withstand higher training volumes and hard tackles

  • How to easily drop excess body fat and add strength without starving yourself or burning out

  • How parkour, gymnastics, animal movements, yoga, rock climbing, and surfing can help you play better soccer

  • Martial arts-based mobility work to get “strong in the stretch” so you can pull off unthinkable volleys and tackles

  • How to blend a speed and power development program with your soccer schedule to get the most out of each session and peak for games

  • Mental strategies to turn your negative thoughts and nerves into positive energy

Soccer Dominance contains tons of information in an easy to follow format that I learned through my trials, tribulations, and adventures.   I am sharing it with anyone who wants to avoid the major HEADACHES (like injuries and riding the bench) I faced and let their skills shine. 

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Player Analysis and Coaching

This is for dedicated players who want more specific guidance. For only $50 a month you get full loaded training and eating program specific to you, including WhatsApp support. Here is how it works:

1. You give me your age, team name and colors, height, weight, position, jersey number and a questionnaire that will help me understand you as a person and as an athlete. This includes some athletic tests that I will have you do to measure speed, power, strength, mobility, etc. 

2. You send me a video or upload an unlisted or public video to youtube of at least a half of your soccer game. I then watch it. 

3.  After reviewing the game footage and assessing your answers and results of the athletic tests, we Skype. During that discussion I will give you detailed feedback on your soccer game. I will then create a program and that fits around your club or high school schedule which will include technical, physical, and mental training tailored to your needs. This includes support on Whats App.

If you are interested, email