Soccer Skill Training

Wreck Defenders With These 1v1 Soccer Moves That Actually Work

Below are 3 soccer moves that will destroy defenders and look cool at the same time. Like all good moves, they require change of speed and change of direction. The sole of the foot single leg hopping backwards is the cool part. It frustrates defenders who will then dive in and then you break them, wreck them, shake them, and humiliate them. Just exaggerating. However, my friend as a club player who used to do the first move in the video would always brag about how stupid he made defenders look in the car after our games. Try them out and leave a comment about what you think!

Video: Escape Pressure With This First Touch Technique

Busquets best passer.jpeg

The best players in the world see where pressure is coming from and use their first touch to escape. This is a good soccer skill using timing and body feinting to create space from the defender. It works particularly well when a defender is closing you down as the ball arrives on a pass. I am not the smoothest with this technique, but I will keep practicing.

As much as I love talking athleticism, soccer is a skill sport and we need reps and reps to get better. Like the legendary stories about Ronaldo and David Beckham taking free kicks after training, all of the best players I ever played with would come early or stay late to training and get extra reps on things like long balls, finishing, dribbling moves, etc. “Repetition is the mother of skill”, so get out there and make it happen. In your next soccer game, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Video: Break Defender's Ankles In Soccer with "The Delgado"

Beating defenders 1v1 comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes its running at speed, while others we are in a more static situation like in the corner or when we get closed down immediately upon receiving a pass. Either way, beating defenders is one of the most fun and effective parts of the game. When we eliminate one defender, the whole defense gets unbalanced. That is why guys like Mbappe, Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. get paid the big bucks.

How the Best Attacking Soccer Players In The World Move Off The Ball

The best soccer players in the world are not just killers on the ball, but they are sneaky buggers off of it as well. Research shows that ore goals are scored when the defenders are positioned farther away from the shooter. That sounds pretty obvious, but creating space on the soccer field is getting harder and harder in today’s modern game. Of course, having a ton of speed helps because you can literally just blow by defenders. But the best, like Leroy Sane and Sterling from Manchester City, Mane from Liverpool, Son from Tottenham, all use intelligent awareness and timing in addition to their speed to unravel defenses. Aguero isn’t the fastest guy in the world, but he knows how to hide behind defenders or draw them to one area and then move to the space left. Check out the video I made below to see some examples. Try these runs and ideas at your next practice and watch how you are getting more crosses from the wing and more shots on goal.

6 Simple Ways to Become a Tougher Soccer Player And Stand Out

A lot of the greatest soccer players are not just skillful and athletic, but they have strong minds and bodies that are resistant to fatigue, quitting, and settling for anything less than their best. They don’t just handle the pressure, the live for it. But what if we are not naturally tough, can we make ourselves tougher? Absolutely. In the last article called “Stop Being a Pussy: Real Talk On Developing Toughness” we took a deep dive into toughness, one of my favorite topics. In this article I will give you some things you can do starting TODAY to get the process going. They are not fun in the short term, but on the