Soccer Skills Training With a Wall

Having access to a wall is so important when it comes to soccer training on your own.  What better way to improve something like your first touch then by getting tons and tons of reps?  Here are some drills I came up with using a soccer ball and a wall:


"I’d play out the front of the house, kicking the ball against the wall, left foot, right foot, over and over again. If you keep working on it, working on it, working on it, eventually it will come.”  - Swansea Midfielder Jonjo Shelvey

A wall can be so many things if you use your imagination:

-a goal to shoot at

-a target forward to combine with

-an defender playing you the ball where you have to turn

-a teammate to usefor a give and go

The list is endless with what you can do and how many ways you can challenge yourself. You can even grab a buddy and play 1v1 next to a wall where the wall is allowed to be used like it is in indoor soccer. Creativity really comes alive!


Bonus: just below is a link to an article on Neymar that was brought to my attention by a reader.  It is definitely related to a few posts I have written HERE and HERE and HERE on the power of the mind, turning off our thoughts, and freeing ourselves up to truly play.  According to Japanese researchers, when Neymar is playing he doesn't have a lot going on inside of his well groomed dome: