About Me


I am a former D-1 soccer player for Fresno State University of the Pac-10, now Pac-12 (my senior year was the last year of the program due to Title 9).  Needless to say, starting out I was fit, but not powerful or fast, and very injury prone. Eventually things would change, and that is what this website is about. 

I am a soccer coach having worked at the NCAA Division II level, junior college, club, high school, and certified strength and conditioning coach with a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. I am constantly searching for better ways to train as it relates to soccer,  so much so that I have recently begun studying for a PhD in Match Analysis in Germany working with the tactical masterminds of the German National Team.

I have contributed to Stack and Goal Nation,  and my goal with The Total Soccer Player is to combine the best information on soccer training, health, mindset, and sports performance available in order to help as many soccer players, parents, and coaches as possible avoid the same mistakes I made.  At the same time, I will share not only the things that worked for me, but in addition any other discoveries that will help soccer players and coaches become better on and off the pitch. 

As I stated above, as a player I always struggled with injuries and an overall lack of size, speed, and power.  Going into my senior year of college, out of desperation I started researching the human body and different training methods from around the world about how to heal and prevent injuries, develop speed, develop remarkable jumping ability, and produce peak performance when it matters.   This began my obsession with training athletes and led me to research from the best in the world from track and field coaches to gymnasts to weightlifters and I have not stopped since.

I have traveled to top clubs from around the world such as Vasco Da Gama and Sao Paulo FC (Brasil), Ajax , Feyenoord, and Sparta FC (Holland), Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin (Germany), America and Chivas (Mexico) and LA Galaxy and Chivas USA (USA) to study how they prepare their players physically.

I began to realize what you think, what you eat, how you sleep, and of course how you train and rest, all come together to create the athlete and soccer player on display.  With so much misleading information on nutrition and training available to the public, I am on a mission to create an understanding about what works by giving you nothing but obvious results.

Browse around as much as you can and take advantage of the trials and tribulations I have experienced.